About 2L Custom Trucks

My name is Wayland Long. My wife, Carrie, and I started 2L Custom Trucks in 1990. We started out in a little 2 bay shop on highway 287 in my hometown of Decatur, Texas. To say that we started with nothing would be an understatement. Not only were we under-capitalized, but I didn't "know" anything about this industry. It has happened by trial and error, which is always baptism by fire. Now, close to 20 years later, that part about starting with nothing is what I am probably most proud of. It has not been the trucks, it has not been the clientele, it has not been the fact that today, some of the factories come and ask ME what I think. It has not been the money, it has not been the evolution of our product. It has not been the growth...

It has been the journey...

The hours of phone calls and emails, countless all-nighters, and a couple of customers AND their trucks that I would just as soon forget. It has been watching people try not too show their excitement when they see their new truck for the first time, and being able to read their eyes and knowing they are proud of it. It's watching a daddy buy something that we custom built, something he and I put together over the phone, and watching him hand it to his daughter as a graduation gift for college. It is all about the look in her eyes when she grabs him around the neck.

It's watching a customer react when they have a problem with a truck, it's always minor on our part, and their relief when we jump through our tail to get them taken care of. It is about the look on a potential customer's face when they make that walk through our office door, onto our production floor, I can just tell they are impressed with our work. It's been about watching folks react when they know something is a good deal, but they are trying to "play the game" like they are at a car dealership or something. It's been about the folks who have called after being in a bad accident, and telling me that our work contributed to their survival. It's about knowing that families all over the country will wake up, and load up, and rely on our conversion work to haul their horses, race cars, and RVs so they can go play for a week, a month, or a year. It's been about watching that grandfather have us install a DVD monitor that "my grandkids will enjoy." 

2L Custom Trucks is one of the hardest working businesses you will ever come in contact with. Whether you have seen our products for years, were referred to us by another client, or just surfed us up on the web, know this, we don't sell products...we achieve results. We move folks from where they are now to where they want to go. We do it in a style that is like no other. We try to do it at a price that is fair for everybody.


We have a landline phone number that is answered 24 hours a day by a real person. We were raised in the country and we are raising our children in the country, with a business that resembles a three ring circus sitting in the middle of a town of about 300 folks.

The family that owns this company is here every single day it operates. We are doing it that way on purpose.

We HAVE to allow for the artistic freedom that it takes to create the rigs you are going to see on the next few pages. We don't want 50,000 cars a day driving by the front of our shop. We've had that and we don't want it. We hunt, fish, race cars, show horses, live life wide-ass open and take care of our families.

To be honest with you, we are probably the definition of the word redneck. You know the type "they sure are country." We watch our neighbors' backs and they watch ours. And if you and I shake hands on a truck, it will be exactly like it is supposed to be or you don't own it. We have a track record, success rate, and a referral rate that is unprecedented in this industry...At this level, people do not do business because of specific products...they do business because of specific people. 2L Custom Trucks has got the best medium duty program in the country. And this attitude is what has made it.

At 2L it will always be about the attitude and it will always be about the journey...